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Tim S. Murphy - Have a cow, graphite on paper


Tim S. Murphy - Stereogram Drawings

My latest artwork is the product of living in and a reaction to the current era of infinite digital multiples. I use humor and slight discomfort to disarm the viewer into an intimate engagement of their own, thus enabling the exploration of a larger truth. I do this through the creation of compelling cross-view stereogram drawings and paintings. I have always sought the hidden motivation behind human behavior and the human factors involved in visual perception. My artwork champions the individuals’ unique experience by dictating the way it’s to be engaged. My stereoscopic artwork is created for viewing in person, with the naked eye. When the viewer’s eyes are crossed and looking at the artwork, a three-dimensional image can be perceived. This generated space contains a greater visual energy than the artifact of two-dimensional artwork alone.

In pursuit of a transcendent experience for the viewers of my art, my creative process embraces science, technology, and human behavior. I keep abreast of the Art World and scientific journals involving research that informs the visual sciences and the user experience design community. I incorporate variations of traditional drawing and painting techniques. I experiment with new relevant methods by adding them to the creative process to enhance the connection between my artwork and the viewer.

The relationship between the viewer and my artwork is a personal one. The viewer is the only technology need for viewing this artwork, but the viewer has to be present and engaged. There is only one successful way to activate the artwork but an infinite number of ways to experience it. By their active participation I invite viewers to enter these alternate worlds and wander freely around the optically generated three-dimensional space of their own creation.

Viewing These Stereogram Drawings: It is best to view at a comfortable distance, squarely in front of the two images, with your eyes horizontal, parallel with the frame of the images. Cross your eyes so that the two independent drawings fall and click together as one. When the two images become one you should see the single drawing and be able to wander freely around in that space and experience a greater visual energy than before.


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